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It is important that children attend school regularly and on time.  At Marfleet Primary, we recognise that excellent attendance leads to excellent achievement. To promote whole school attendance, every week the classes who achieve above the government’s national average (96%) for primary school attendance are celebrated in assembly.

We are aware that we couldn’t improve our attendance figures without your support, and we very much appreciate parents who promote these good habits of punctuality and attendance.

It is recognised where children miss chunks of learning or don’t have a calm prompt start to the day it significantly impacts on their ability to learn and make progress. Also by getting children into these good routines around attendance it stays with them as they go through the education system and onward into adult life. It is important to us that we work in partnership with you to ensure that your children are in school every day and on time.

As a parent or carer, we ask you to: –

  • send your child to school on time every day, in the correct uniform and with the required equipment
  • contact school on the first day of absence if they are unwell and return them to school when fully recovered
  • arrange appointments such as doctors, dentists or opticians before or after school, wherever possible. We may request appointment cards, letters or prescriptions as evidence.

Where families are struggling with this we are always here to support and advise where we can.

Please come and speak to us if you are having difficulties getting your child into school. 

Thank you for your continued support on this.


More information regarding school attendance can be found on the council’s website, or by clicking on the following link:

Click here for our attendance policy

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