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Weekly Wave from Mrs Shaw – 15.05.2020

Posted On 15 May 2020
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Reintegration of more children to school
There have been lots of different stories in the press this week about ‘schools  reopening’. I want to take this opportunity to give you a little more information and explain how this might work.
The MOST important thing is the safety of your children and staff. As much as I would love to open the school for everyone and welcome all the children with open arms it simply is not safe to do so. We are extremely restricted by the amount of space we have in school which restricts the amount of children we can safely have even further.

The biggest safety measure is going to be restricting the amount of children on the school site at any-one time. Practically, this will mean that the school cannot offer places to all children and will have to prioritise, starting with the children of Key Workers and Vulnerable children including those children with and EHCP plan. If you feel you now fall into this category please contact the school office as soon as possible.
Once we have a final list of our Key Worker and Vulnerable children we will then look at offering limited places for some other year groups, starting with nursery and reception, then year 1 and then finally if there are enough spaces year 6. These places will be offered on a part-time basis and will require staggered drop off and pick-up times etc. to avoid contact with others.
Although children in nursery, reception, year 1 and 6 will be in small groups of no more that 8 with their peers, there is no guarantee that they will be with their own class teacher or indeed their group of friends, as for safety reasons I cannot mix groups of adults or children.
It is a very strange time and although I know some of you will be frustrated that your children cannot attend school just yet please be absolutely re-assured that all the decisions that are being made are to ensure that your children are safe! If you feel your child is better cared for at home to minimise risk this is your decision as a parent and we will support you 100% as always with this.
From next week onward EYFS and Key Stage 1 teachers will be calling their families to see how you are all doing and to hopefully answer any questions that you may have individually. This will be followed by Key Stage 2 teachers the week after. They will also be on hand to give the parents any additional information they may need about the reintegration of some year groups.
None of this situation is what anybody wants and I know that as the weeks drag on into months the want to get back to some kind of ‘normal’ is growing by the day. There is always an end to things, and this will come to an end! However it is so important that to get back to some kind of ‘normal’ we take care not to rush and ensure that we are all safe in doing so! ?
We as always are here to support you and your children in whatever way we can!
                                              ⭐Stars of the week ⭐
Buttercups: Oliver Wilkinson – zooming through bug club ⭐
Daisies: Maisy W – for brilliant gymnastics ⭐
Tulips: Marzena – for being such an amazing help at home ⭐
Sunflowers: Poppy F – for writing an amazing letter ⭐
Willows:Belle – for her amazing life sized skeleton. ⭐
Birches: Stanley for his amazing sketch of ‘Dragon Land’ where Stanley the 2nd lives. ⭐
Elms: Lucas for his resilience and continued effort with his home learning ⭐
Oaks: Jessica H for always logging on and working hard every week!⭐
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