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Personal Development and Wellbeing

At Marfleet we recognise the importance development of the ‘whole child’. We understand wellbeing is fundamental to the overall health of an individual, enabling them to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what they want. This is why our curriculum focuses not just on academic achievement but Personal Develop and wellbeing.

The school offers all children access to a comprehensive Personal Development curriculum as apart of our Marfleet Learning Goal. Alongside this we also offer a range of support for children and families in need of additional help to aid their wellbeing.

Social Emotional Mental Health

At Marfleet Primary Academy we place a special emphasis on the wellbeing needs of all of our children. As a result we believe the SEMH branch of SEN needs its own identification pathway – the wellbeing Threshold of Need.

SEMH Universal Services

All children have access to ‘Universal Services’. This means each child is attending school regularly and are receiving quality first teaching. They will have access to numerous resources to help express themselves emotionally and socially whilst also allowing personal development. 

SEMH Additional Support Services

Any children who display behaviours or express themselves in a way which shows they require a higher level of support would be brought to the Vulnerable Children’s Meeting by the class teacher. Clear practical solutions will be offered during the meeting for the class teacher to try, following the ‘Additional Support’. These children will then be placed on the VCL tracker and monitored for a term. Support offered could be access to more 1:1 well-being time with classroom staff, in addition to the one hour per week full class provision. The class teacher will then hold a formal meeting with parents.

SEMH Targeted Support Services

If a child who has had additional support does not make any progress or has another significant incident/change they would be stepped up to ‘Targeted Support’. At this point Miss Hunt will organise with class teacher, parent and child a meeting to complete a Pastoral Passport; complete parental questionnaires and a children’s well-being questionnaire. If appropriate a Boxall assessment would be completed. Much like SEN passports teachers, parents and children will meet half-termly to review progress etc. Internally the suggestions on the passports will be monitored through learning walks etc. to ensure consistency and ensure things are being followed. Any further concerns raised may lead to 1:1 emotional literacy time with Miss Cawkwell in the Acorn provision. 

SEMH Specialist Support Services

If the child does not progress within a term or has further concerns they may be stepped up to ‘Specialist Services’. If some progress is made the may step down to additional support. If a good level of progress is made the children may be signed off the VCL. Children who are supported through the specialist services will receive 1:1/group work within the Treehouse provision with Miss Hunt. Internal family support will be offered if appropriate. If behaviour/needs are deemed a risk, a part-time registration/PRU will be offered via a further PSP/PCP meeting. Within the additional PSP/PCP meeting a member of the schools SEN team will be invited to deem if the underlying concerns are a pastoral need or a SEN need. The school will also work in partnership with outside agencies. Any children who are registered with Children’s Social Care will automatically be a part of the schools specialist services. Progress is measured on the following areas: 

  • Academic targets met 
  • Half termly attendance 
  • Well-being questionnaire 
  • Parental questionnaire 
  • CPOMs entries (emotional and behaviour) 
  • Internal monitoring and learning walks

The Tree House

The Treehouse is the schools Well-Being provision which offers a range of tailored interventions to meet each child’s individual needs. The concept of the Treehouse is cascaded throughout the whole school and is at the heart of our Behaviour and Well-Being ethos. We hold the values that each child has the right  to access their education in a safe and calm environment. Every morning each child has Emotional Regulation Training (ERT). This is delivered through our daily whole class emotional check in, using the school well-being display. This allows the children to regulate and express themselves emotionally in a safe environment, and is an integral part of the schools Personal Development curriculum.

The Treehouse in conjunction with the schools behaviour and well-being procedures were set up by the schools Personal Development, Behaviour and Well-Being Lead, Miss Hunt, who strives to ensure every child succeeds. She is based in the Treehouse room and offers an open door policy to all children to ensure they have a safe space to speak up and feel their voice is heard. Specialist support is also available on a 1:1 or group work basis taking a therapeutic approach. Miss Hunt is a significant person in offering support to children to help solve their problems and make sense of their feelings. She also extends this support to parents and carers. Offering parenting support, advice and signposting parents to external agencies. 

Miss Hunt leads the Behaviour, Well-being and Personal Development team which is made up of the following staff (shown in the image above):

Miss K Hunt – Personal Development, Behaviour and Wellbeing Lead

Mr J Dear – Behaviour Teacher

Miss D Cawkwell – Wellbeing Worker

Mrs V Bates – Behaviour Support


In order to signpost children to the most effective support the school has created a ‘Threshold of Need’, this clearly outlines the procedures and interventions available and ensures consistency throughout the school. All children in the school are offered our well-being ‘Universal Services’ as standard. Any children requiring additional support will then move up the threshold of need. 

At the heart of our well-being provision is our VCL (vulnerable children’s list) children primarily without additional SEND needs who may be struggling emotionally, academically etc. are brought to weekly meetings in which Miss Hunt will offer class teachers support, guidance and clear strategies to move forward. As part of this every member of staff has access to a wide range of resources/intervention plans which have been put together covering key areas such as; split families, self-esteem, anger management, resilience and managing worries/anxieties. 

Any children that require targeted support will also receive a Pastoral Passport.This is a document that supports children, class teachers and families in finding ways in which to best support the children. This is reviewed each term and new targets are set. 

Below are the process of procedures:

Miss Cawkwell is based in the Treehouse on a Thursday afternoon and works alongside Miss Hunt in providing well-being support to children on ‘Targeted Support’. 

The school takes a restorative approach in dealing with any issues, valuing that everyone has a voice. We have clear behaviour expectations for all children with appropriate rewards and consequences in place.

*School behaviour display*


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