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PSHE Sessions

Posted On 07 Jun 2021
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As part of our schools PSHE curriculum Year 5 will receive their Growing Up Talk and Year 6 their Relationships and Sex Education Talk on Friday 18th June.
The education is based on national guidance and is delivered by the Public Health Programmes Team (School Nurses).
The lessons will cover the following topics:
Year 5
• Puberty & changes
• Correct names of female and male reproductive organs
• Periods (Menstruation) and products to use
• Wet dreams and erections & how to manage both
• Hygiene & keeping healthy
• Feelings & emotions
• Changing relationships
• Where to go for help & support
Year 6
• Moving to secondary school
• Changing & developing friendships (including online)
• Sexual relationships
• Reproduction
• Birth and babies
• Roles & responsibilities.
By law you do have to option to withdraw your child from these lessons. We strongly believe that withdrawing the child undermines their right to access information which is important to their health and wellbeing. Please speak to Mrs Verity or Mr Frankish before Thursday 17th June if you would like to withdraw your child from these lessons.

If you have any queries about the content of the lessons, or the resources used please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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