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Run Around The World

Posted On 29 Apr 2020
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Our school and all of the other EBOR Academy schools have decided to jointly take part in a  fun challenge- Run Around the World.
We would like for you and your children to join us and have fun in this activity.

If 6,500 of us  (all children and staff across all the EBOR Academy)run, walk or cycle 200 metres a day, each day during the month of May, then we will have collectively travelled over 40,000km by the end of the challenge. This is the distance around the Earth!

To take part, you, your children and any friends and family, should run, walk or cycle an average of 200 metres per day starting Friday 1 May and ending Sunday 31 May. You can save up your activity, if you like, and do it when it suits – perhaps a 5,000 metre jog once a week? Try to do more than 200 metres a day/1,400 metres a week if you can!
How can I be sure of the distances travelled?
Most mobile phones these days have apps which can give you this information, otherwise we will have to rely on your best guess.
You or your child don’t have to take part in our Run Around the World if you don’t want to, but we believe it will be an enjoyable distraction in these worrying times.
You can register your family’s achievements on a daily basis by using the form  attached to this post  or on our school website  Or, if you prefer, you can complete the attached form, but be sure to send me a message here on Bloomz with the distances every Friday.
Adding your distances run – or walked or cycled – every day using the online form, means we can track our progress on a map to see how we’re doing.

Myself and all the Marfleet staff will be taking part on this challenge and we all will look forwards to see you all taking part in this too, so please do share with us how you completing the challenge.

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